Widgets are the ones which you can place in the side bars of your word press sites. Most word press sites/blogs have side bars and lots of widgets in them. But, many people who are new to blogging are not aware about the best arrangement of widgets. Having too much of them is also not good and having none of them is also not good, so that you must have widgets according to your needs, neatly arranged in a particular order.


Why it is essential to have your widgets in a particular order?

Yes, you cannot arrange your wp-widgets in a random fashion because it won’t help you much. Put the widget which you want your readers to have a “must” look at the top!

Ads – topmost!

You want your readers to click on your ads and do you want to earn more by displaying ads? If you want your readers to click on your ads, you can put the ads at the top of your side bar. Ads can also be sometimes placed in between your posts, but, most times, it might irritate the readers and hence it is better to put them at the top of the side bar.

As it is at the very top, the ads will catch your reader’s attention, thus, you succeed in advertising!

Social networks at the top!

It is really important to have your Face book and twitter widgets also at the top. This will help your readers to like and share your blog easily. Remember, most of your readers are not going to search for this sharing icons and Face book page widgets to like your page.

Hence, it is very important to show case these social networking widgets at the top after your ads. If you don’t have a need to advertise something, then you can very well put your Social networking widgets as the top most!

Put your recent posts next to get it read!

Your readers might come from search engine result pages to any of your posts. And to make them read your other posts, you can show case your recent posts using “recent posts” widget. You can put this widget after your ads and social networking widget, so that it also gets the attention of your reader.

You can also add most read posts on your side bar so that your readers can have a look at your most read, popular posts! This is another way for making your readers to stay on your page and continue reading!


There are several widgets available like “calendar” “texts” “Contact form” etc., You can add them in any order as you please. It’s better to have contact form as a separate “Tab” or “Page” in your blog as it is really an important thing when it comes to a company website.

There are people who fill their whole side bar with lots of widgets, and they will be having “games” kind of. It is better to avoid such funny ones to have a good professional look! There are still lots to learn about widgets but these are the very basics!

Hope you got the trick of arranging the widgets! Got doubts? Kindly comment!

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